What I’m Reading: A Clash of Kings (Update)

Bran's chapters can be a little bland, don't you think?As promised, I come to you with a hung head and heavy heart.

Confession: since I made the first “What I’m Reading: A Clash of Kings” post, I have read a paltry 181 pages in 12 days.

I could do the math, but I won’t because the number would fall between “Have you ever read a book before?” and “The average eight year old reads faster.” I think I’ll spare myself the embarrassment…for now.

However, the past twelve days were not a total wash. I did make some progress (though not nearly enough). Despite my mini-challenge of finishing the two books before the 4th season premiere looking bleak (thankfully, not as bleak as the novel itself), I’m not going to give up. I just need to get more creative with my reading.

Here’s some tactics I’m thinking about:

1. Audiobook! – This is probably going to be my greatest weapon in finishing A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. I travel almost every other weekend to visit my boyfriend. Sometimes I take the train (reading the entire time is a no brainer), but I also drive. Audiobooks are a solid way of getting reading done while also making the ride more enjoyable. Win-win! In fact, I borrowed the audiobook from the library and am going to listen to it on the car ride this weekend. Heck, I’ll probably even start listening to it in the shower (side note: wouldn’t waterproof books be the most wonderful things ever?)

2. Lunch Break reading– Most days, I spend my lunch break searching for jobs. While I can’t give up on that entirely, I think spending the last 15-20 minutes of my break focused on reading would definitely help. If I read the minimum of 15 minutes, I will have read for 75 minutes by the end of the week. It’s the little things that add up.

3. Swapping nighttime activities– After working all day, working out, and showering, I usually crawl mushy-brained into bed around 9 and watch the same episodes of Parks and Recreation or New Girl that I’ve seen dozens of times.  I’m going to swap at least one episode, or 25 minutes, for reading. Not only will it give me more reading time, but it will also cut down on mindless TV watching. Even though I have a hard time falling asleep in totally silence, reading before bed helps me fall asleep quicker. Also, is there anything better than waking up next to your still-open book?

4. Read, duh!– Just do it. (You can’t take that phrase from me, Nike. Or can you? I don’t know. Please don’t.)

Those are my big tactics, but I’m sure I’ll think of some other ways to read more. Hopefully the next twelve days are more fruitful than the last twelve have been.

*          *          *

Do you have any creative or clever ways of squeezing in more reading? Where’s the weirdest place you’ve read a book?


7 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: A Clash of Kings (Update)

  1. I can’t help you. I usually only have time to read before bedtime. So now I’ve trained myself that reading in bed is how I want to lull myself to sleep.

    I KNOW! It’s awful that I did that.

  2. A Clash of Kings was sometimes difficult to get through, but A Storm of Swords makes up for it – the third installment will suck you right in. I agree that the little amounts of time spent reading will add up; in my opinion reading is always the better choice over TV! Good luck, and I hope you’ve made progress since publishing this post.

    1. I completely agree about A Clash of Kings being a bit slow! I think part of it is that I already know more-or-less what is going to happen, so there’s not a lot of suspense. I’m not so patiently waiting to start A Storm of Swords, which I have heard amazing things about.

      Thanks for reading!

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