OITNBOh, readers (are you still here? I hope so), I am so sorry for my far-too-long absence from That Worn Book Smell.

I have no real excuse other than I let life get in the way, but I am back and will be posting regularly from here on out.

One thing I can boast is that I have been reading (We’ll call it blog research, so I don’t feel so bad about letting 3+ weeks pass between posts). Since my last post, I’ve finished A Clash of Kings (before the season 4 premiere!), read Orange is the New Black (a review is coming soon), and gotten through 300+ pages of A Storm of Swords.

Unfortunately, I did not finish both books before the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere and I paid the price after last Sunday’s episode. A major character was killed off and all I could think was “I should have known this was coming.” But instead of being defeated, I am more committed than ever to finishing A Storm of Swords before the season 4 finale.

There’s no doubt I’m getting through A Storm of Swords faster than AGOT and ACOK – the third book of the series is a page turner to say the least. I have to literally force myself to close the book at the end of my lunch break every day.

Once again, I’m sorry the blog has been quiet. I promise I have some reviews (guest reviews as well!) and columns coming your way, and if you have anything you’d like to see on the blog just leave it in the comments.

Thanks for sticking around everyone!

P.S. Ten points to anyone who recognizes what this blog title alludes to. 


2 thoughts on ““(S)he’s back!”

  1. Can’t wait to see what you thought of Orange is the New Black!! Also I was honestly gearing up to harass you about doing another post before I saw this… 🙂

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