Oh. My. God.

I suppose I should title this “What I Was Reading” because I literally just finished A Storm of Swords.  

ASOS spineA review is probably in order, but I’m not sure I can eloquently and adequately convey how amazing, shocking, and horrifying this book (especially the ending) was.

Having already watched season 3 and the first five episodes of season 4, I knew a lot of the shocking moments that happened in the first 800 or so pages, but no one could have prepared me for the absolute madness that would ensue in the last 320. I nearly lost my mind at the end of every chapter.

My boyfriend, who had already read the book, kept telling me that there was so much left the come, and I kept thinking, “What else could George R. R. Martin throw at us readers?”

Apparently a lot.

Warning: major and minor spoilers will follow.

I repeat, MAJOR and minor spoilers to follow. 

ASOS EpilogueFirst and foremost, that epilogue.  I don’t think I stopped saying “oh my god, oh my god” for ten minutes after reading it. Are you kidding me, Martin? How in the world are you going to drop the bomb that Catelyn has been resurrected (?!) and just end the book. I can’t imagine reading the books as they came out and having to wait 5 years before A Feast for Crows was published. That could (and should) be classified as cruel and unusual punishment.

Second, Sansa. My poor, poor Sansa. She is by far one of my favorite characters (probably only second to Tyrion) and it’s so hard to watch her being tormented. Her last chapter was unbelievable. Between Littlefinger kissing her, Aunt Lysa being an absolute crazy person, and then watching her creepy pseduo-ward push her crazy Aunt through the Moon door, Sansa is arguably the character that has suffered the most (at least of the characters who are still alive). I’m scared for her fate in the next book, and will genuinely be heartbroken if Martin kills her off.

Third, SPEAKING OF TYRION. Along with Sansa, our Giant of Lannister (which is forever tainted, thanks to Shae) has suffered an incalculable amount. He is betrayed by someone he loved, condemned for the murder of King Joffrey—making him a kinslayer and kingslayer—and learned the truth about Tysha, his first wife and love. His last chapter was absolutely unbelievable. Not only does he escape King’s Landing with help from Jaime and Varys, but he also kills Tywin in his own chamber. It was the coolest, most badass scene and it is one of a thousand reasons why Tyrion is my favorite character. Note: While I would love for this scene to be in the show, I’d also be a little sad because I absolutely love the actor who plays Tywin Lannister. He plays what I call “No-one-hates-the-Lannisters-like-I-hate-the-Lannisters” perfectly and it would suck to see him leave. Though, Peter Dinklage would rock that scene. 

Fourth, for some odd reason I have a real soft spot for the Hound and I was really bummed when Ayra left him to die. Perhaps a part of it is that I really enjoy the actor from the show, which colors my reading a bit, but I think the Hound is a really complex character. We see these flashes of vulnerability and I can’t help but feel for him. If he did die, I’m sad to see him go, but I hope we will see more of Sandor Clegane.

Fifth, Jon helped save the Wall (!), Stannis wanted to name him Lord of Winterfell (!!), and he was named Lord Commander (!!!). My favorite bastard suffered his fair share of loss this season and it was nice to see him finally have something that was his. I kind of expected that he would rise high in the ranks of the Night’s Watch, but I did not think it would happen so soon. I’m also terrified for him because it’s so obvious that Winter is Coming and so are the Others.

There’s almost too much to talk about with this book. Honestly, my review could be summed up in a few words: for the love of everything you hold dear, just read A Storm of Swords.

After reading almost nothing but A Song of Ice and Fire for the past two-ish months, I had decided to take a break after A Storm of Swords…until I finished it that is. Now all I want to do is crack open A Feast for Crows and find out what happens next for our dear and deranged Westeros.

I’ve heard the fourth book is like hitting a wall after the whirlwind that is ASOS, but I think I’m going to read it slowly and between other books. It will be my side book. The book I’ll go to when I start missing Martin’s sadistic yet satisfying writing.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say—800 words later—is that I absolutely loved A Storm of Swords, and that I finished it before the season 4 finale. I’m looking forward to seeing how HBO adapts the end of the book as well as being on the other end of the Game of Thrones watching experience aka the smug “I know what’s coming” smile side of the watching experience. 

*                *                *

Are you reading A Song of Ice and Fire? Did you ignore my spoiler warnings and ruin the book for yourself? Do you hate me now? Leave your Game of Thrones feelings in the comments!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: A Storm of Swords

  1. That’s a wonderful recap of A Storm of Swords. I’m glad that you responded to it as emotionally as you did, it’s a great book.

    All that great stuff in A Storm of Swords: I’m eagerly waiting to see how it’s going to be presented on the show, in particular a certain Frey-lynching mother. Will we see her this season??? I hope so.


    1. I think emotional is the perfect way to describe my A Storm of Swords reading experience. Martin really knows how to make me react viscerally to his writing.

      Also, I really, really think we’re going to see our silent Lady at the end of the season. In fact, I think revealing her is going to be the very last scene, and it will probably be a perfect mix of horrifying, revolting, and shocking. I can’t wait!

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