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Here’s the news you may have missed all gathered in one handy, informative place. 

By Carolyn Quimby | @CarolynQuimby, @WornBookSmell

1. Amazon, Hachette, and The Fate of Publishing

With no end in sight in the Amazon/Hatchette feud, many sites have been posting long-form pieces about what the e-book price dispute means for the future of publishing. Flavorwire’s “Everything Book Lovers Need to Know About Amazon vs. Hachette” outlines the feud, Amazon’s past bullying tactics toward other publishers, and the recent statement released by the online retail powerhouse.  Mashable’s piece “How Amazon Brought Publishing to Its Knees — and Why Authors Might Be Next” charts the long-term effects of Amazon’s business tactics and the affect it will have on authors and publishing houses alike.

Photo by Flickr User mccun934 licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Mashable’s article is the camaraderie it paints between authors, and author and publishers. They referenced a letter written by the New York Times-bestselling author Douglas Preston (published by Hachette) that was signed by more than 750 authors including Laurie Halse Anderson, Mark Z. Danielewski, Junot Díaz, and Cheryl Strayed. Despite what’s been happening between Amazon and Hachette, it’s beautiful to see all of these huge literary names come together for their shared love of books.

2. #EmojiReads

Random HouseOn Friday, August 1, Random House started the hashtag #emojireads on Twitter as a way to add a little flavor to the usual #FridayReads hashtag. I’m a huge fan of emojis and a huge fan of novels, so it’s obvious that I was (am) a huge fan of this hashtag. Here are some of the most clever tweets from Friday:



HemmingwayCall me crazy, but I think #emojireads should be a a meme that lasts. Please and thank you.

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What was your favorite book- or publishing-related news of the week?


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