It’s a week into the new year and I’ve finally narrowed down the things I want to focus on not just in my personal life, but in my blogging life as well. My boyfriend says his New Years Resolution is to “be better” and I think I’m going to piggyback on that. Be a better reader, blogger, writer, friend and everything in between.

blogging reso

1. Review at least two books a month
Honestly, I have found that getting reviews up on my blog has been the hardest part of it. It’s not that I dislike writing them because I actually love to get all of the swirling thoughts in my head down on paper. It’s the actual act of sitting down and getting all those observations and thoughts onto the web that eludes me. I’m the type of person that goes from book to book with very little lag time, so finding enough time to write a review that does said book justice is something I haven’t quite mastered yet. I would like to make this a bigger part of my blog in 2015.

Photo by Flickr User JKim1 licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

2. Spruce up the website

I’m a huge fan of minimalist websites and I want that kind of aesthetic for That Worn Book Smell. Mostly I want to spruce up the logo, add some more graphic-heavy sidebars, and focus on my color scheme. I’m not very well-versed on coding, but my boyfriend offered to help me so I’m looking forward to bettering the site this year.

3. Write more analytical essays

I miss college. I miss writing essays. I miss annotating my books into oblivion. I miss reading critically and analytically and carefully. So until I head to graduate school (a personal goal for the next couple years), I’m going to write analytical essays for fun. I’m going to talk about theme and schools of criticism and literary devices. I want to work the part of my brain that finds comfort in research essays and comparative analysis. Here’s to writing more like the scholar I hope to be one day.

4. Comment on other blogs more often

Sometimes I forget about my Reader and find myself catching up on two months of blog posts in one afternoon, but I’d like to not do that anymore. I often really enjoy what people post, but don’t comment out of sheer laziness. I’m going to try to be better about this in the new year.

reading reso

1. Read 50 Books
I have always been and will always be a firm believer in quality over quantity in just about every aspect of life. One great book over 3 not-so-great ones? Yup. One fantastic television show over 5 mediocre ones? Definitely. One amazing grilled cheese over 2 meh ones? Uh-huh. Although I would prefer if you made me 2 amazing grilled cheeses. Please and thanks.

However, I like the idea of having a goal, and I honestly like making a list of 50 potential books to read.

IMG_01112. Read Infinite Jest

This goal has been years in the making. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t read the magnum opus of one of my favorite writers, but I would like this to be the last year I haven’t. It’s one of the most important novels of our (my) generation and I want to know if I will love it as much as I love Wallace’s other writing.

Yes, it’s incredibly long (a massive 1,088 pages), but I will read Infinite Jest (cover to cover, footnote to footnote) in 2015.

3. Read 6 “Classics”

Having been out of school for a year and a half, the number of “classics” I’ve read has significantly dropped off. There’s a reason certain books are classics–they inspired other writers, used new techniques, mastered and/or created certain genres. There’s a reason certain books keep being assigned in schools and I would like to know why. I’m also including “Modern Classics” in this list because why not? Just because something was published 40 years ago instead of 80 doesn’t mean it isn’t a classic.


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