For those of you who haven’t been lusting over penmanship all day, today is National Handwriting Day (as well as John Hancock’s birthday). In a world full of text messaging, emojis, and emails, January 23rd is when word lovers celebrate the lost art of calligraphy. Whether it’s clean block print, loopy, undulating cursive, or a combination of the two, today is the day to put the pen to paper and soak in the beauty.

My way of celebrating National Handwriting Day is writing down a few of my favorite book quotes. So here’s some of my absolute favorite lines from literature in my own handwriting:DM 1David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


DFW, Forever Overhead, Brief INterviewsJE

Jennifer Egan, Black BoxJDJunot Diaz, Brief WondrousJSFJSF, ELICNKNicole Krauss, History of Love *         *        *

How did you celebrate National Handwriting Day? What are your favorite quotes to scribble? Is your handwriting curvy or straight?


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