All the links you need to see before the fresh ink dries.

By Carolyn Quimby | @CarolynQuimby, @WornBookSmell

1. Show Your Best Shelfie

Photo by Flickr User Pietro Bellini licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.
Photo by Flickr User Pietro Bellini licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

Any bibliophile feels that flutter in their chest when they see a particularly breathtaking bookshelf. Whether you prefer organization by height, author, topic, or color, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful expanse of books to brighten up a room (and your day). So when the Daily Dot posted a World Books Day-themed post centered around the best #bookshelfporn on Instagram, I knew you all needed to experience the wonder and awe I did. If you’re anything like me, you’re already itching to get home and reorganize your own bookshelves. These are bookshelves that even Belle would be proud of!


2. What Do Readers Want? More Representation!

With the increasing listicles of reasons to read more than just white, male authors, people vowing to read only writers of color, and the viral Twitter handle turned campaign, We Need Diverse Books, readers want to see themselves (or people like themselves) in the books they read. So when BuzzFeed Books posted a long-form essay titles “How Finding A Fat YA Heroine Changed My Life,” I hunkered down and soaked up every word. Aside from the fact that I can relate to a lot of what Kaye Toal wrote, it’s a wonderful and brave essay that speaks directly to the problem of undiverse literature–if people use books as healing and solace, can they ever really find it when they cannot fully relate or sympathize with the characters? Can they believe they’ll overcome their problem or situation or tragedy if no character that looks like them has? I won’t write too much of a diatribe, but I’ll say that you should read Kaye’s essay in full. But for now, I’ll leave you with her killer opener:

Fat girls have fucking nothing.
I’ve been reading for, it feels like, as long as I have had sentience and consciousness, and it has taken me my entire life to meet someone in a book who looked like me and felt the same way I do and has struggled with some of the things I have struggled with, and is still loved.

*        *        *

What were your must-read links of the week? How do you arrange your bookshelves? What kinds of diversity do you look for in books? Do you read diverse books? Leave a comment below!


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