In my lifetime, I’ve been lucky to have many teachers, mothers, and women who have made my life more important. They have made me feel loved and important and gave my life meaning when I could not find any. Today (and every other day) I am grateful for mothers, so I wrote a thank you note to them. Be they fictional or real, these are the mothers who have taught me the greatest lessons and made my life more whole.

Thank you,

Lily Potter, who taught me about sacrifice and the unconditional love we can show in the darkest of times;

Molly Weasley, who showed me how to be protective, create family bonds outside blood lines, and the importance of a well-timed “bitch”;

Cheryl Strayed, who broke my heart and put me back together again one advice column at a time;

Mrs. Honey, whose strength, courage, and belief in the redemptive power of reading gave me solace;

Narcissa Malfoy, who showed the depth and breadth of a mother’s love;

Deborah Queen, who showed me the dangers of pushing people away, and not admitting when you’re wrong and in pain;

Amy Poehler, who made me believe in the power of big emotions and even bigger laughter;

Rachel McKibbons, whose raw poetry showed me a glimpse of bone-crushingly, beautiful mother love;


my own mother, who brought me to libraries and let me take out 20 books at a time and watched the world of words envelop me. Who bought me piles of books, some of which are still unread, just because she knew it made life burn a little brighter. Who encouraged me to study books even when the rest of the world called it “impractical,” because she knew it made me happy. Who has taught me everything I’ve needed to know–when to be tough; when to be vulnerable; the fruitfulness of hard work; how to put others needs in front of your own. Who is always thankful for my company and whose own company is invaluable. My mother who has given me more than I could have asked for and who deserves more than I can ever give. There aren’t enough languages to thank you in, but that won’t stop me from trying every single day.

Happy mother’s day to all the women who have shaped my life and made me a better person. Whether our time together was short or long, the imprint is everlasting.



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