Hiatus: Where I’ve Been

Bad Feminist
Bad Feminist, Bad Blogger: A Memoir
I am so sorry, That Worn Book Smell readers. I have been away for over a month and, for that, I am very sorry. The reasons are wholly personal and I don’t feel like broadcasting them to the internet. My family and spending time with them is the number one priority in my life. To say I (and my family) have been stretched thin is an understatement.

Despite the physical and mental exhaustion, I was thinking That Worn Book Smell and all of you. There were many times when I wanted to blog, to talk to you about books, to review what I’ve been reading. But I didn’t have the time. Well, I had time but I chose to focus on other things. Like my family. And work. And sleep.

I have been reading though. Since I was a child, books and words have been my comfort. It’s one of the biggest constants in my life and even now, when everything feels out of control, I find myself relaxing within the pages of the books I’m reading. I promise to fill you in about everything I’ve read in the past month and a half–the books that have been healing me.

Again, I’m sorry for the unplanned hiatus. And for the generalities and vagueness. You all deserved an apology and I hope this was sufficient. Just know that I haven’t left you and I promise to make this blog a priority again.


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