The most stunning sunset I’ve ever seen; my backyard; 6/23/15.

Well, the year is officially more than half over. As everyone is fond of saying on the first of any month, I cannot believe it’s already July 1st. June went by in a flash. I can barely even remember doing anything memorable though I know I did. I saw friends, spent time with family, read, and took some steps to better myself physically and mentally.

With July already here, I decided to take to the blog and outline some of the things I would like to do this month reading/blogging-wise.

1. Read Outside More

I’ll start by saying that the sun and I are not friends. I’ve been burned by her more than a few times (get it? get it?). But. It is summer and by late November I will be wishing for longer days and warmer temperatures. I want to take advantage of being outside while reading. Though I’ll probably do most of my reading in the privacy of my backyard, I’d like to find more adventurous spots–like parks and beaches. More than anything, I want July to be filled with nature and books.

2. Post Two Book Reviews

I am a notoriously horrible reviewers. I barely (formally) review any books I read. Usually, I’ll gush about them to friends or over Twitter, but I hardly ever sit down to write them. This seems like a slight hindrance to a book blog. So my goal is to write at least two reviews–ideally, books I’ve read quite recently, not what I’m calling “Retro Reviews.” It’s not that I have nothing to say–it’s that I sometimes lack the discipline to sit down and say what I want to say.

3. Read Four Books*
One book per week is more than manageable and I’ll probably exceed that, but I want to give myself a goal to work toward. I also care more about the asterisk aside than anything. I’ve been reading a lot of memoirs and essay collections lately (which are by far my favorite genres), but I want to branch out. I seem to get into genre patterns when I’m reading. I’ll read a fiction book and the next three books I read are fiction. I want to have more variety. I want to start reading more wellness books. I want to read more poetry. I want to read more and more broadly.

*with at least one being non-memoir, non-fiction and one book of poetry

4. Start an Analytical Essay

This is more of a long-term goal and one that probably won’t make it to the blog in July, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do. I miss using my brain and making connections and thinking more critically about literature. And because writing about books in a more scholarly way makes me happy and July is all about making myself happy.

So those are my major July reading, blogging, and writing goals. Hopefully, I meet and even surpass them. Here’s to a month of “more:” more reading, blogging, time in the sun (with SPF on), adventures, critical thinking, mental clarity, and physical well-being.

*          *          *

What are your goals for July?


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