I’m currently on vacation in sunny – yet windy – Florida. What are my plans you may ask? Visit my boyfriend’s family, eat delicious seafood, and read poolside.

It’s been a stressful couple of months and I am very excited to unplug and veg out.

For me, it’s always hard to pick the books that I’m going to bring on vacation. You can see struggles with the same issue two years ago. Mostly it’s because I prefer physical books (which take up physical space) and I am a chronic overpacker. If I could I would bring one suitcase for books and another for clothes, shoes, etc. But I am reasonable (sometimes) and will choose two (okay, maybe, three) books to bring with me.

So the night before we left I did a familiar dance in front of our bookshelves. I knew I wanted to bring Roxane Gay’s Difficult Women because I had been saving it for a month. 

I was going back and forth between bringing a nonfiction and a fiction book. Ultimately I decided to go with Paul Beatty’s The Sellout. It seemed fitting considering the political atmosphere and I needed something satirically funny. 
I could have (and wanted to) bring more but I displayed a little self-control. After all, there’s always the Hudson Booksellers for the flight back home. 


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