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If you live in the northeast, you know that the past two days have been unseasonably warm and incredible weather-wise. My town was busier than it’s been in months. People were out and about sans jackets and grinning from ear-to-ear. It felt like a whisper of spring and I truly cannot wait for the real thing to get here.

I’m lucky enough to have Monday off from work for Presidents’ Day so I’m taking full advantage of the long weekend. And what does taking advantage of a long weekend mean to me? Cleaning/organizing the apartment, going on walks in the warm February air (how weird is that sentence?), writing, celebrating Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend (our tradition is to celebrate the weekend after the 14th) and – myĀ favorite – heading to the library.

I had not been to the library in nearly a month — since I left for vacation down in Florida — and that is nearly a month too long.

I’ve always been a library girl. Until I was around 6, I lived across from the library and would bring home 20 books at a time. I would fill a canvas bag with as many books as I could and bring it everywhere with me. Would I finish all of those books? No. Would I finish even half? Maybe. But the important thing was that I had books to surround myself with. I always felt better when I had books around me.

That feeling hasn’t gone away. I’m still the type of person to take out more books from the library than I can read in a month. I don’t thinkĀ the comfort and safety I get from library books will ever go away.

This time around I picked up three books:

Between the World and MeĀ by Ta-Nehisi Coates

ColumbineĀ by Dave Cullen

Voracious:: A Hungry Reader Cooks Her Way through Great BooksĀ by Cara Nicoletti

“This is an eclectic bunch,” I said to my boyfriend as we walked to the front desk.

“You don’t pigeon-hole your reading,” he said.

I suppose that’s true as of late. I’ve been trying to branch out and read new things — and the library helps me do that.Ā As if I needed another reason to love libraries.


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