All the links you need to see before the fresh ink dries. 


Meet our new U.S. Poet Laureate, Tracy K. Smith | Los Angeles Times

A poem, necessarily, sits at a register that’s different from our usual conversational voices. You have to listen more actively to get to the heart of what’s being said, what you as a reader or listener are being asked to feel, or notice.

As of today, the Library of Congress has announced that Tracey K. Smith would be the 22nd Poet Laureate. It’s a huge honor that could not have been given to a more talented person – Tracey K. Smith is poetry personified (also, oh my god, she’s only 45 !!) The Los Angeles Times has a Q&A in their books section with Smith and it’s a lovely look into her life, her craft, and what she hopes to do with her new position.

Roxane Gay Promotes New Book and Calls Out Podcast for ‘Fat-Phobia’ | The New York Times

During the phone interview on Tuesday, Ms. Gay said: “I want people to be thinking about the book and judging the book on its own merits. I wrote a book about fatness in the world, and I wanted to expand the conversations that we have about different kinds of bodies.”

If you’re like me, you love, respect, and will read anything Roxane Gay writes (including her amazing tweets). If you’re like me, you also watched as an Australian website’s horrifically fat-phobic interview tried to overshadow Gay’s publication day for Hunger, her memoir about her body and the way it exists in this world. It was an extremely upsetting to see this story be THE story of the day and not Hunger, but it also seems inevitable that a book that discusses her size would provoke this type of ignorant (and cruel) reaction. Nevertheless, Roxane Gay is a rockstar and I can’t wait to read (and weep over) Hunger this weekend.


Ta-Nehisi Coates unveils cover for Obama-era book We Were Eight Years in Power | Entertainment Weekly

Coates posted the image — which features navy blue text, a partially torn off-white cover, and a red background — Monday afternoon on Twitter, while also quoting a Kendrick Lamar lyric: “I got so many theories and suspicions …”

When I saw Ta-Nehisi Coates’ tweet of his new book cover, I quite literally said “Yeah!” outloud. His new book, due out October 3rd, We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy is a collection of essays (both new and old) about the Obama era. Coates has written some incredible essays about Obama for The Atlantic, where he works as a national correspondent, so I’m greatly looking forward to a book that grew out of those essays.

*         *          *

What have you read this week? Any articles, essays, or news stories that I have to check out? Let me know before the ink dries! 


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