What is That Worn Book Smell?

That Worn Book Smell is a book blog that focuses on new and old releases, reviews, critical analysis, and news from the publishing world. Essays will often explore novels with a close, analytical, and scholarly eye and cover a wide range of topics. This blog will also have columns such as Sunday Shorts (a weekly list of Editor’s picks) and “How Haven’t You Read That?” (where I confess the famous books I haven’t read and why). Hopefully the blog will also serve as a springboard for discussion—for people who love reading and books and writing and all of the worlds it opens up within us.

Why is the blog called That Worn Book Smell?

Books, whether old or new, always have that wonderful smell—that indefinable yet unmistakable one that everyone who loves books from the inside-out will talk about in dreamy tones. Worn books have seen many hands and many hands have seen worn books. Not only do they hold a story, but they hold the stories (and smells) of all the people who have read them.

Who runs That Worn Book Smell?


My name is Carolyn and I’m a 26-year-old working in publishing. This blog was born during a time when I had few promising job prospects and far too many books (and bookish things) to discuss. I have a BA in English and creative writing with a minor in journalism from a small, hip university nestled in upstate New York. There are few things I love more than pups, coffee, reading and writing. My desk is where coffee cups go to die and my car is a water bottle graveyard. Sometimes I  write things that I actually like and hopefully you will too.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of my employer.

(As of July 26, 2017)