Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: February Releases


My newest feature, Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover, does exactly the opposite of what the title suggests. This series is where I solely focus on¬†the¬†aesthetic merit (or failings) of book covers.¬†

25716567Publication Date: February 23, 2016

For such a simple cover, Mona Awad’s¬†13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl¬†broke my heart. The way the word “Fat” is being erased while “Girl”¬†still exists brought up a slew of feelings–both personal and cultural. First, the taboo nature of the word fat. Second, the way an innocuous descriptor is thrown around to harm people. Third, the incessant desire to distance one’s self from the descriptor. Fourth, once a person has been “fat,” it will always exist, just under the surface, no matter how hard we¬†try to erase it. I’m sure I could find 9 More Ways of Looking at This Cover, but I’ll finish with¬†this:¬†it’s beautiful.

25716667Publication Date: February 16, 2016

I really like the cover of Why We Came to the City. It somehow captures many of the things I love about New York City: the ever-glowing Manhattan skyline; the bustling nightlife; the New Yorker burning bright above the sidewalk.

Both blotting out the skyline and echoing the city’s bright lights, the bokeh effect really lends a dreamy quality to the cover. The blurry, hazy lights were a perfect aesthetic choice.

Fun Fact: Kristopher Jansma now teaches creative writing at my alma mater and I am endlessly jealous that I never got to have him as a professor.

25666066Publication Date: February 16, 2016

I dare you to find a more minimalist cover. I also dare you to find a cover I love more than Sara Majka’s¬†Cities I’ve Never Lived In.¬†

It reminds me of plotting coordinates on a map or in the sky; of placing yellow markers on unexplored cities; of creating a record of imagined travels.

Along with¬†the thematic elements, it’s the calming blue-gray and orange-yellow color scheme that I love. This book also has an unassuming confidence that I find so intriguing. It’s almost hard to put into words why I love it so much. Almost.

*          *          *

What are your favorite covers of February 2016? Do you often judge a book by it’s cover? What’s the book that’s surprised you most based on the cover (either positively or negatively)?